To date, we have donated nearly 60,000 expressive art coloring activity books.
Gifts of any size make expanding our mission possible.


Through our connection with non-profit organizations, children’s
hospitals and low income schools, we have the capacity to reach 250,000 children in each calendar year.
The only thing standing in our way is funding.


Your support for Discovery Art for Youth puts life-changing expressive art books in the hands of children who need them. Your generosity directly supports children and youth to discover hope, healing and growth in their lives.


As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, we rely on donations and grants to provide our expressive art coloring activity books to children and youth in all 50 states. We’re grateful for the generous contributions of our donors who are joining us in bringing hope, healing and growth to children and youth.

Our deepest gratitude to our most recent donors!
Buddy and Nan Black
CHT Foundation
Jenny Howard Hill



Thank you for your partnership in providing each of my students your Discover Series expressive art coloring activity books. These books have been a FANTASTIC resource to help facilitate and teach social emotional learning and are extremely powerful for me as a school psychologist because of the conversations it helps facilitate with my students. With reflective topics like exploration, growth, and kindness, we learned about ourselves, set goals for the future and set ourselves up for success. We had incredible discussions about identity, cultures, customs and what makes us unique. We talked about how to cultivate confidence and how we could lift others up. The books cultivate balance in our students’ lives by providing them an outlet to use their minds to reflect and tap into their hearts and emotions through creativity and coloring.  What a lot of students appreciated about this book was it gave them a space to talk about what was on their mind, their feelings, their goals, their hopes, their fears, their dreams.  As a school psychologist, this is one of my favorite tools in work with my students. 

Adam Parker
School Psychologist
Heritage Elementary School
Cherry Creek School District, Denver, CO