A 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.


Discovery Art for Youth
Connecting Kids to Nature through Creativity, Education & Opportunity.

To inspire children & youth to discover hope, healing and growth in their lives as they interact with our expressive art coloring activity books & programs.

Discovery Art for Youth - Providing expressive art coloring books to children and youth in elementary schools, youth centers, hospitals and shelters all over the United States. These books are used by teachers, counselors and leaders for Art Therapy, Social Emotional Wellness and Personal Growth.

  • Discover at The River
  • Discover at The Ocean
  • Discover at The Lake
  • Discover at The Barn
  • Discover Katmai National Park
  • Discover Grand Teton National Park
  • Discover Yellowstone National Park
  • Discover Glacier National Park
  • Discover Rocky Mountain National Park
  • Becoming a Pearl, a Sacred Journey
  • Becoming a Pearl, a Creative Journey
  • Pure Wellness, a creative discovery of hope, healing & growth

1 Million Expressive Art Coloring Books gifted to children!


Christina DiMari
Founder & Executive Director
Christina DiMari has lived her passion of working with children and youth for more than 30 years, and is the author of 16 books that encourage, equip and empower youth. As a teacher and certified art therapist, she has lived and traveled all around the world leading children of many backgrounds to discover hope, healing and growth in their lives through creativity and art. She established a non-profit organization with a desire to create books and resources that are beautifully designed, and donate them to children and youth who are going through difficult experiences in their lives and who need resources to help them process and grow.

Christina’s current focus is blending her background experience in teaching and her love for nature, wildlife and art. She has created a series of expressive art books that allow children and youth an outlet to process their emotions and experiences, and at the same time encourages them to focus on the good around them…and within. With nature-themed coloring pages and accompanying activity pages geared toward personal growth and inspiring hope for the future, the Discovery Art for Youth coloring book series empowers children and youth to express themselves and discover how to make the world a better place in their own unique way. Christina and her husband, Michael, have two adventurous sons and enjoy family time in the outdoors and their passion for fly-fishing.

Irene Neller
Discovery Art for Youth
Advocate for Mentoring & Social Emotional Learning
Irene Neller is the Vice President of Enrollment, Marketing, and Communications at Westmont College. Christina DiMari's story and work with youth inspired her to become a mentor for young girls in her community. She started a national annual conference during Women’s History Month that encourages women in leadership on college campuses to mentor and empower young girls. Irene is creating opportunities for college students to mentor and inspire children in their community using the Discovery Art for Youth expressive art coloring books. She loves how this valuable resource uses art, nature, and hands-on activities to help children reflect and grow. It provides an atmosphere for Social Emotional Learning to take place as children discover their value, cultivate kindness toward others, and reflect on the dreams they have for their lives.

Josh and Joy Steinrock
Discovery Art for Youth
Advocate for Art Therapy in Children's Hospitals.
Joy will do just about anything to have a party. It is always an occasion at the Steinrock house, be it a high school swim party, a daddy daughter dance, a baby shower, or a Friendsgiving. The Steinrock’s live on Scattered Seeds Farm where they scatter seeds of love by opening their home to others. Josh runs a fourth-generation family roofing business. Josh and Joy are passionate about providing the Discovery Art for Youth expressive art coloring books to children in hospitals who need the reflective art activities to help them process difficult experiences, and focus on the positive aspects of their life at the same time. They love how the books break down important concepts in creative lessons that are simple, yet powerful. The couple has three children. Their daughter, Kyra, worked with Christina on Discover at the Barn. The family enjoys hunting, traveling, and bringing people together for a good laugh. 

Jessie Hoeck
Discovery Art for Youth
Advocate for Expressive Art in Sports & Outdoor Programs
Jessie is passionate about the mission of Discovery Art for Youth. Jessie loves how the expressive art coloring books give kids a chance to reflect, express themselves in creative ways, and set positive goals for their lives. She grew up doing gymnastics, and has a passion for kids and sports. Jessie and her husband, Sam, enjoys frequent trips to the mountains to snowboard, and recently started fly fishing.

Jamie and Andy Davis
Discovery Art for Youth
Advocate for Family Creative Time & Design
Jamie and Andy have seen the value of Discovery Art for Youth expressive coloring books for their own family. They love spending quality time with their daughter working on the creative, hands-on activities in the coloring book, Discover at the Ocean. Jamie appreciates how the books give children and youth a peaceful space to reflect and get lost in a world of creativity. Jamie helps design our Discovery Art Creative Centers that provide a safe space for children and youth to use creativity to heal and grow.  Andy works as a firefighter. He loves getting to help people in an exciting, fast paced environment. The couple has a two-year-old daughter and six-month-old twins. They enjoy live music, and spending time outside as a family at the beach or the zoo.

Kyra Steinrock
Discovery Art for Youth
Kyra is a busy high school student who enjoys spending most of her free time at the barn with her horse, Simeon. She was a big part of the inspiration behind Discover at The Barn, one of the expressive art coloring activity books. She wanted to be part of creating the book to share her love of horses, barns, animals, and nature. Kyra hopes the book will bring children and youth joy, give them strength, and help them discover their passion and dreams. Kyra is excited to make a difference by giving these books to children and youth who need encouragement in schools, hospitals, shelters, and other places. She can’t wait to bring a smile to their faces.