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Ahava River

Discover Grand Teton expressive art coloring activity book

Discover Grand Teton expressive art coloring activity book

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*We sell our expressive art coloring books in this online store as a way to help fund our outreach to children and youth.

National Park
expressive art coloring activity book

Created for all ages to enjoy!
8 x 11
40 interactive pages

Left side has reflection for personal growth and self-expression.
Right side has a beautiful coloring page of nature and wildlife seen in Grand Teton NP.

Discover Grand Teton National Park expressive art coloring activity book was created for you with three purposes in mind:

  1. To discover the beauty of nature and wildlife found in Grand Teton National Park.
  2. To discover hope, healing and growth in your life as you interact with the pages in this book through creativity, self-expression, writing and coloring.
  3. To discover that your life matters. As you explore your unique experiences, interests and dreams you will realize how you can make a difference in this world in a meaningful way.


    1. Regulate
    2. Gratitude
    3. Peace
    4. Hope
    5. Healing
    6. Explore
    7. Growth
    8. Self-Esteem
    9. Healthy Connections
    10. Belonging
    11. Teamwork
    12. Confidence Building
    13. Overcoming Challenges
    14. Resilience
    15. Dream
    16. Goals
    17. Empathy
    18. Kindness
    19. Purpose
    20. Make a Difference

    View inside pages by clicking photos under book cover.

    We have several books in our series.
    Each book has similar lessons as they flow from the heart of our outreach.

    Our expressive art coloring activity books are used in a variety of ways, including: 

    1. Personal Growth and Goal Setting.
    2. Elementary schools for Social Emotional Wellness.
    3. Children's hospitals for Art Therapy under the guidance of Child Life leaders.
    4. Camps and programs for at-risk children and youth for personal growth.
    5. Family time and adventures.

    This book takes children and youth on a creative discovery that starts on page one and comes full circle on the last page. The beginning of the book presents the idea that their life is like a beautiful tree. As they interact with the reflective questions and express themselves, they will be cultivating the life of their tree. The coloring pages surround the children and youth with the beauty of nature. From this place, they can cultivate learning, discovery and growth from a place of peace, openness and curiosity. As they come to the last page, they will shift from focusing on their own life and begin to realize they have beautiful leaves flowing from their tree that can bring hope, healing and kindness to others. This will empower children and youth to realize they have the ability to make the world a better place, each in their own unique and creative way.

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