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This educational expressive art activity book, Discover Maui, is a mental health care resource appropriate for youth grades K-12. It has been vetted and approved by the Hawaii Department of Education and incorporates elements of ‘Āina-based education and learning.
2. Please read this page to understand the flow and purpose of the book.
3. To request books please email your answers to the questions at the bottom of this page.

A personal note from Christina DiMari

When the fires hit Maui, I rapidly responded to help by creating a new expressive art book focused on Maui, knowing there would be an enormous need for trauma care and social emotional resources after the vast devastation and loss. These books are available free of charge for all counselors, teachers & leaders on Maui coming alongside children and teens. Thanks to the donations of some friends and a grant from the Maui Strong Fund of the Hawaii Community Foundation, we have been able to provide 30,000 Discover Maui expressive art books to youth on Maui. Nearly every public school on the island is using the book for trauma care and social emotional wellness. This also includes many private schools, mental health clinics, mentoring programs and art therapy through many health care facilities. The Council for Native Hawaiian Advancement is also providing these books to the families coming to their Maui resource center.

You can make a difference in the lives of youth in Hawaii!


These books have been so well received by leaders and students on Maui, that we have decided to create more book versions for the other island communities in Hawaii for social emotional wellness, personal enrichment and mental health care. These books will have the same reflections for hope, healing and growth but the coloring pages in each book will highlight the nature and wildlife on each unique island.
For schools or organizations interested in requesting books, scroll to the bottom of this page.





Haiku Elementary School
Kahului Elementary School
Kamalii Elementary School
Kihei Elementary School
Kilohana Elementary School
Kula Elementary School
Lahaina Elementary Schools
Lana'i Elementary School
Lihikai Elementary School
Makawao Elementary School
Paia Elementary School
Pomaikai Elementary School
Pu'u Kukui Elementary School
Pukalani Elementary School
Waihe'e Elementary School
Wailuku Elementary School
Iao Middle School
Kalama Middle School
Lahaina Middle School
Lokelani Middle School
Maui Waena Middle School
Molokai Middle School
Baldwin High School
King Kekaulike High School
Kulanihakoi High School
Lana'i High School
Maui High School

Kihei Charter School

Kamehameha Elementary
Maui Preparatory Academy
Roots School
Doris Todd Christian Academy
Sacred Heart


Nā Keiki O Emalia
Malama I Ke Ola Health Center
Hui No Ke Ola Pono
The Aloha House
Pacific Cancer Foundation
Community Counseling Services
Maui Youth Prevention Services
Maui Youth Substance Abuse Services.
Na Keiki O Emalia - Grief Care


Council for Native Hawaiian Advancement
Maui Arts & Cultural Center
Liliʻuokalani Trust - Kīpuka
Maui Family Support Services
Paia Youth and Cultural Center
Child Welfare Services - Foster Kids
Big Brothers, Big Sisters Maui
Spirit Horse Ranch
Arc of Maui
Grow Some Good
The Maui Farm
Ka Hale A Ke Ola Homeless Youth
Kipahulu ‘Ohana Farm in Hana
Parents & Children Together
Hubs around Lahaina


A few testimonies from Maui school counselors and health care leaders:

“The Maui Youth and Family Services School-Based Counselors who work in the schools are all invested in the well-being of our Maui keiki and how we can help them with their journey of hope, healing, and growth. Mahalo for creating such a helpful and beautiful counseling tool that we can use with our students for social emotional wellness, trauma care and prosocial skills development. We love the layout of the workbook, the writing prompts, space for self-expression and the amazing cultural and nature artwork for the coloring pages. These books have enriched our program participants' journey of healing in this difficult time. Mahalo Christina, for creating these valuable and helpful resources.”
Heather Long, CSAC 
School-Based Counselor
Baldwin High School

“I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude for the wonderful coloring activity books that you have provided, which foster social emotional learning. Your generous contribution has made a significant impact in our community, and we are truly thankful for your dedication to promoting the well-being and growth of our youth. These educational activity books have proven to be invaluable tools in our efforts to support the emotional development and mental well-being of the children in our program. The engaging content and thoughtful design not only encourage creativity but also help young minds explore and understand their emotions, promoting empathy, self-awareness, and effective communication. Your commitment to nurturing the emotional intelligence of our youth is commendable, and we are grateful for the positive influence your organization has on our community. We look forward to continuing our partnership and working together to empower the next generation. Once again, mahalo for your incredible support and for making a meaningful difference in the lives of our children and youth. Your generosity is greatly appreciated!"
Kele Sipman
Kaiapuni/504 Counselor
Kalama Intermediate

“Mahalo, Discovery Art for Youth for providing Discover Maui Hawaii expressive art coloring activity books for our students.  We love the layout of the book as it has reflections and coloring pages side by side, making it simple for kids to follow along during our guided school counseling sessions. These books are helping students find their inner strength and discover ways in which their resilience can help themselves heal, grow, and help others down the road.  Students really enjoy coloring the beautiful nature and cultural scenes the most.  It is an incredible resource for cultivating healing, personal enrichment and a connection with our Native Hawaiian culture for our students!"
Rachael Watson
K-2 School Counselor
Pu'u Kukui Elementary School

“Thank you for creating this wonderful Discover Maui expressive art coloring activity book for the children and youth of Maui. Our school will be using this resource for all our students. We appreciate the deep care and compassion you have displayed for our island in creating this beautiful resource to help our keiki process, heal and grow during this difficult time. Our team is especially appreciative of how you incorporated important culturally relevant reflections and coloring pages. This book feels rooted in our culture and special for our community. Thank you for touching our lives with your gift and vision for our healing.”
Jackie Mukai
School Counselor
Waihe’e Elementary School

"We are deeply grateful for the Discovery art therapy books for our students.  The books provide a way to explore, process and actually put to words and pictures some of the feelings that they are experiencing.  The books also help them discover some of their own personal resources.  The layout walks them though this step by step and each page helps them reinforce the tools that they have and build resilience. Using place-based pictures that connect with questions and answers is an amazing tool that we can use to heal! As a school counselor, I find this so important.  Our teachers have been able to access this resource as well to use in the classroom. The Discovery Art books are an innovative, creative and a valuable resource and we are beyond grateful that these have been provided to use free of charge."
Cathy Fitzpatrick
School Counselor
Iao Middle School

"Mahalo Discovery Art for Youth for creating this amazing resource for our keiki, especially during these difficult times. Iʻve used them with students directly impacted by the Lahaina fires and others that were not. Iʻve used them as stress relief for teachers who have been feeling burnt out as well as a few parents wanting a resource for themselves. The beautiful pictures along with the reflection questions, provide a great opportunity for my students to destress and reflect on ways that support them."
Kimberly Naylor
School Counselor/Behavior RTI Teacher & 504 Coordinator
Pōmaika`i Elementary School

"I'm so grateful to have the Maui Discovery Art for Youth book as a resource for my work with High School students. It has been a great tool to help them express themselves in a non-intrusive way. I can also see creativity and compassion it sparks in them. Mahalo for your generous gifts to the students at Baldwin High School."
Oudlay Tom LCSW
Behavioral Health Specialist
Baldwin High School

"MAHALO to Discovery Art for Youth for providing coloring books to our students. Even at the high school level, students use coloring to destress and they find that it helps to ground them. It is awesome that there are prompts to get students thinking of things which helps to get them talking and sharing more about themselves with me, their grade level counselor."
Jayna Yamamoto
Class of 2025 Counselor
PTP Coordinator
King Kekaulike High School

“Thank you so much for creating such a beautiful tool to support our Maui schools & ‘ohana! What a special gift you have offered and we appreciate your generosity, mahalo nui loa!” 
Elizabeth "Ashley" Akers Trudon
Title 1 Coordinator & ECRI Coach
Haiku Elementary School

"These Discover Maui books have been a big support to help my students open up about their experiences with the fire and share how it has impacted them, through the reflective pages they have been able to realize it is okay to have feelings of loss, grief, sadness, anger, etc. and this book has provided a powerful tool to help them express themselves and heal by sharing their feelings through reflection and art. I also appreciate how the books help the youth focus on the good in their lives while they are processing such a difficult time." 
Lance Toyoshima
Behavior Health Specialist
Kamali'i Elementary School

"We want to share our gratitude for your therapeutic art for healing books to aid our community, especially the Native Hawaiians and those affected by the wildfires. We have also shared some of the books with the principal at Kamehameha Elementary School as she would love to provide a book for each of the students. We look forward to continuing this partnership."
Mahalo nui,
Holly Ho | Controller
Hui No Ke Ola Pono | “An Association to Strengthen and Perpetuate Life”

"Thank you for donating Discover Maui art for healing books! I am using the books with my students to help process the trauma from the fires but also as curriculum for overall social emotional wellness. The books have so much going on in them - I love how I can use the nature and coloring for mindfulness and the reflection for an increased connection to self and their personal goals. I have noticed my students feel much calmer after they have worked in the book. Thank you for creating such an amazing tool for healing."
Kelly Albrecht
Behavioral Health Specialist
Maui High School


A special thank you to my new friends on Maui for your valuable contribution in making this book culturally relevant and personally meaningful for your Keiki. Also, a big thank you for the teamwork with the Hawaii and Maui school district leaders to approve this quickly and give it a green light to be distributed and donated to school counselors and teachers. Lastly, thank you to Maui Printing Co. for moving fast to get this printed and distributed to schools on the island.

A Creative Journey

Discover Maui Hawaii
Our expressive art coloring activity books take children and youth on a creative discovery that starts on page one and comes full circle on the last page. The beginning of the book presents the idea that a child’s life is like a beautiful tree. As they interact with the reflective questions and express themselves, they cultivate the life of their tree. The coloring pages surround the child with the beauty of nature. From this place, they can learn, discover and grow from a place of peace, openness and curiosity. As they approach the last page, the child shifts from focusing on their own life and begins to realize they have beautiful leaves flowing from their tree that can bring hope, healing and kindness to others. This empowers children and youth to realize they have the ability to make the world a better place, in their own unique and creative way.


    To discover the beauty of nature and wildlife and how spending time in nature has a powerful way of balancing our natural rhythm and helping us feel calm, clear and regulated.


    To discover hope, healing and growth in our lives while interacting with the pages of our coloring activity books through creativity, self-expression, writing and coloring.


    To discover how reflecting on a positive question can shift our perspective and help guide our inner transformation while discovering our value and voice.

The Layout

We create high quality educational expressive art coloring activity books to help children and youth discover hope, healing and growth in their lives. Our coloring activity books have 40 interactive pages.
The left side has reflection for personal growth and self-expression.
The right side has a beautiful nature themed coloring page.

Hope * Healing * Growth

Expressive Art

Our high-quality expressive art coloring activity books help children and youth have a safe way to:
Process their Emotions
Foster Courage
Develop Positive Coping Skills
Reduce Anxiety
Express Themselves
Discover Hope
Cultivate Healing
Reflect and Grow
Know their Value
Find their Voice
and ultimately...
Realize how they can make a positive difference in this world.

How our books help

“The Maui Youth and Family Services School-Based Counselors who work in the schools are all invested in the well-being of our Maui keiki and how we can help them with their journey of hope, healing, and growth. Mahalo for creating such a helpful and beautiful counseling tool that we can use with our students for social emotional wellness, trauma care and prosocial skills development. We love the layout of the workbook, the writing prompts, space for self-expression and the amazing artwork for the coloring pages. These books are sure to enrich our program participants' journey of healing. This resource is much needed in our schools, especially at this time! Thank you for your offering."

Heather Long, CSAC 
School-Based Counselor
Baldwin High School - Maui Hawaii


    The books are created to meet children and youth where they are.
    They are simple enough you can adapt it for elementary age yet deep enough the middle school age and high school teens can go on a deeper journey of personal enrichment and growth.


    Art, when used as therapy, is part of nonverbal communication for children who may not be able to articulate their emotions and feelings. The coloring opens up a window into their heart and the reflection creates a safe way to start important conversations.


    Teachers often use these books as a "soft start" for the day. There are 20 key reflective themes that make it easy to focus on one theme per week. This is a tool you can also use for personal enrichment and growth that is easy to flow into your overall planning.

For school counselors, teachers and mentors of youth


Thank you for answering these questions to request books for your school or organization.

For counselors, behavioral health specialists, teachers, mentors and leaders caring for youth on your island - we provide these books free of charge as funding is available to cover our printing costs.

Please read over this entire website page from top to bottom to understand the purpose of these books and imagine how you can use this as a resource with the youth in your care. Once you have done so and have a clear plan in your mind, please follow these steps to requests books:

Copy and paste these 7 questions along with your answers into an email and send to:

1. What Island are you requesting books for?

2. Your Name

3. Full mailing address for a shipping label as well as a contact with phone number.

4. Are you a counselor, behavioral health specialist, teacher, youth leader, mentor or other?

5. What age youth do you serve?

6. Please share in paragraph form your thoughts to these questions:

Start off with:
I am requesting these books because…

*What do you like most about them as a leader? How does it help you?

*What do you like most about them for the youth you are serving? How do you imagine these books will help the youth in your care?

*How do you envision taking youth on the journey through all 20 reflective pages so they can get the most out of this creative journey?

7. How many books are you requesting to make sure all the youth in your care receive a book?

Is there anything else you would like to add or share?