Discover at The Barn with Kyra Steinrock!

New Book for Children and Youth inspired by Kyra Steinrock's love of horses, barns and animals - and her family's desire to scatter seeds of love to children and youth in hospitals, schools and shelters across the country! 

From Executive Director, Christina DiMari: The vision for this book was inspired by high-school student Kyra Steinrock and her love of horses, barn animals, and the wildlife that can be seen on farmland all over the country. When I asked Kyra how she would like to make a difference in the world, she answered, “I would like to be part of helping you create a new expressive art book for children and teens that will bring them joy, give them strength and help them discover their dreams. I also want them to feel special knowing that each page was created just for them with a lot of thought. I am excited to be able to give the books to children who need encouragement in schools, hospitals, shelters, and other places where receiving this book would bring a smile to their face.”

If you would like to join Kyra and help provide the Discover at The Barn coloring activity book for children as part of this outreach, all purchases help us with this outreach effort.

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